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Frequently asked questions

1. Who can book a transfer?

Adults have the right to book transfers. People under 18 must be in the presence of adults.

2. How can I book a transfer?

Transfers can be booked through our official website www.rovinjtransfers.com, via the official phone number or via the contact form.

3. When do I need to book the transfer, can I book a day in advance ?

Transfers can be booked at any time. Confirmation that your transfer is a valid , is the e-mail that you receive after confirming your transfer . It is necessary to confirm your attendance by e-mail.

4. What is included in the price of transfers?

The price of transfer includes transportation from the starting point to the destination point. Return transfer includes transportation from the starting point to the destination point and return from the destination point to the starting point.

5. What if my flight is delayed?

If your flight is delayed, the driver will wait for you. With the help of your flight number which you provide while making a reservation, we can check any updates regarding your flight and be prepared. We do not charge waiting due to flight delay !

6. Are the prices on your webpage final ?

Yes, the prices on our official website www.rovinjtransfers.com are final.

7. Am I allowed to bring my pets ?

Yes, if your pet in an appropriate travel bag / box , it can participate in the transfer.

8. Do I have to have print the voucher for your transfer and what if I forgot it?

Yes, it is necessary to print out the voucher for your transfer to determine the details of the transfer and your identity. If you have forgotten your voucher it will be necessary to submit personal documents for the purpose of determining identity.

9. Are tips included in the price od the transfer ?

No, tips to the driver are not included in the price of the transfer. Tips are not obligatory but are certainly welcome.

10. What if I want to cancel my transfer?

If you wish to cancel your transfer it is necessary to make the cancellation 2 days before the transfer. If you do not cancel 2 days prior, you will lose the right to a refund.

11. How do I find the driver, or will he find me ?

The driver will pick you up at the agreed destination within your reservation. If the transfer is at an airport, the driver will wait for you at the check-out exit holding a paper with your name written on it.

12. We made a reservation but we have not received the email?

If you have made a reservation and received an email, please contact us via the contact form or by email: info@rovinjtransfers.com to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

13. When and to whom do I pay my transfer?

Payment of transfer depends on the conditions and details stated in your reservation. Normally on the day of reservation you will be charged 15% of the total price and it will be charged to your Paypal account, and the balance (85%) will be paid the driver in cash. This way, you are entitled to 5% discount.

The other payment option is paying the driver in cash upon completion of the transfer.

14. Are the prices for transfers per vehicle or per person ?

Transfer prices are per vehicle.